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Lumberjack Tree Care offers safe and reliable tree service in Harrisburg, ensuring your tree care and the safety of your property. Our team of certified arborists specializes in everything from trimming and pruning to tree removal and emergency storm damage cleanup. Whether you need routine maintenance or urgent assistance after a storm, you can trust Lumberjack Tree Care to get expert solutions tailored to your needs and protect both property and people. Choosing Lumberjack means investing in the health and beauty of your trees. Call us today for a free quote!

What Sets Lumberjack Tree Care Services Apart!

Our primary goal at Lumberjack Tree Care Services is to stand out by prioritizing the health and beauty of your trees. Our team of skilled professionals goes above and beyond in providing top-notch tree service that keeps your garden lush and vibrant. We are skilled at managing different types of tree work, such as branch cutting and tree removal. Trust in our expertise to keep your trees in good condition and thriving for the foreseeable future.


Top-Rated Tree Service Experts in Central PA

When it comes to tree service in Central Pennsylvania, look no further than Lumberjack Tree Care Services. Our reputation as top-rated tee service experts speaks for itself. We understand the unique needs of the local ecosystem and provide our services accordingly. From precision trimming to safe and efficient removals, we handle each task with meticulous attention to detail. We work hard to make our customers happy and protect the environment. That’s why people trust us to take care of trees in Central PA.

Need Tree Assistance? Let Us Help You!

We understand the vital role trees play in enhancing your property and contributing to a healthy environment. Our team of certified arborists offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure the well-being of your trees from sapling to maturity.

Our Tree Related Services Include

Tree Trimming

Trimming and Pruning

We carefully remove dead, diseased, or overgrown branches to promote healthy growth and maintain a visually appealing structure.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Shaping and Crown Management

We can enhance the aesthetics of your trees by shaping them for improved air circulation and light penetration.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

When necessary, we perform safe and efficient tree removals, minimizing impact on your property while adhering to local regulations.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding services to leave your landscape clean and minimize potential hazards or obstacles.

Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Services

Should your trees suffer storm damage or pose a safety risk, we offer 24/7 emergency services to address the problem swiftly.


Here's what our satisfied customers are saying...

At Lumberjack Tree Care Service, we take pride in providing exceptional tree services to our customers. We would be grateful if you could share your thoughts about our business with others. Your feedback helps us improve and assists others in making more
informed decisions. Please take a moment to leave a review of Lumberjack Tree Care Services and let others know what you think.

Jeff Costy
Jeff Costy
Ken and his team came out and took 2 trees down for me and they did a great job and he was reasonable with his price. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for the great job Ken and your team.
Michael Cason
Michael Cason
I am very impressed. Ken, Jim and Tiffany did an outstanding job. From setting up, planning how best to trim both trees even under somewhat windy conditions, to working in a confined location between my house and garage, to the clean up. Very professional and would highly recommend them for whatever tree trimming job that's needed. And, I couldn't beat the price as it was very fair and reasonable!
Hildegarde Maley
Hildegarde Maley
We had the lumberjack team come and cut down and taken away trees and service our lawn. They did an excellent job. They were very knowledgeable and professional about their work. I was a manager in the plastic industry for over 40 years and i would have loved to have them on my team. I highly recommend them to take care of any tree or lawn care service that you may need.
Zach Cannon
Zach Cannon
I would definitely recommend. These guys did a great job. Very professional. They kept in good communication with me and did nice work. Cleaned everything up and done timely. Thank you Ken!
Roque Lachica Jr
Roque Lachica Jr
July 9, 2023 The tree removal project on my property in my opinion, separates the tree cutters from the tree surgeons. A 60 plus foot tree (honey maple), with a trunk diameter of 36 to 40 inches, and branches—thin and thick, extending 40 feet around, and over my house required expert attention and skill. All of the previous tree contractors I interviewed required rigging and roping procedures. Ken Fisher III—LumberJack Tree Care Service took the job and performed it himself with his thirteen year old son supervising on July 8, 2023. His pricing was great, a thousand plus dollars cheaper than his competitors. His communication skills were straight forward and dependable. Ken Fisher of LumberJack Tree Care Service is at the prime of his chosen profession. And at the level of a tree surgeon, not just a tree cutter. His skill level in my opinion, incorporates three tree removal specialists. Ken Fisher III is a one man crew of three. He brought his thirteen year old son, Ken the 4th (they really like the name Ken) to supervise and make sure that his dad doesn't slack off. Ken the 4th, is fortunate to have a dad like Ken the 3rd. I don’t need years of experience in the tree removal business, to assess and determine when a professional is at the top of his craft. I have enough life experience to qualify me. It was exciting and a joy watching Ken perform his expertise, never compromising safety. Roque Lachica Jr.
Ken and his crew did an excellent job with a difficult tree. Trimmed up a few additional trees. I would recommend and use him again.

Explore More About Lumberjack Tree Care Services

Curious about our tree care? We’re experts in keeping trees healthy and happy! Whether it’s trimming branches or cleaning up after storms, we can help you out. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you care for your trees!

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We offer a wide range of tree services

  • Trimming and pruning to keep your trees healthy and looking their best
  • Shaping to enhance the beauty of your property
  • Safe and efficient tree removal
  • Stump grinding to leave your yard clean and free of hazards
  • 24/7 emergency services to address storm damage or other urgent needs


We are committed to providing affordable prices and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. Contact Lumberjack Tree Care Services today for a free consultation!

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About Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital city, sits on the Susquehanna River. Steeped in history, it’s known for the grand Pennsylvania State Capitol with its dome and Civil War monuments. The National Civil War Museum offers a look at the conflict through artifacts and exhibits. East of the city lies Hersheypark, a chocolate-themed amusement park.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of tree care services including trimming, pruning, removal, stump grinding, and emergency storm damage cleanup.

Yes, all our arborists are certified professionals with extensive experience in tree care and maintenance.

Absolutely! We offer free consultations and estimates for all our services. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Yes, we are fully insured for your peace of mind. You can trust us to handle your tree care needs safely and responsibly.

The cost of our services depends on the specific job requirements. However, we offer competitive pricing and free consultations to provide you with an accurate estimate.

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